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Greetings to everyone,

"In a society that I hate deeply and scars my soul daily, the foundations and rules of which I deny, being likeable would mean that I am starting to look like it..."

This is the quote that I live by the last few years but come to think of it, I could as well be living by that particular quote all my life, without even knowing it.

The purpose of this blog is to gather all my thoughts in one place, nothing fancy, just a piece of me. The articles that I write are a blend of my experiences and thoughts.

I hope some of you enjoy what you read here and Ι welcome you all to walk down that road together.


Individual Thought Patterns – Part I

Individual Thought Patterns – Part IThe beginning… (of what?)

            A lot of thought went onto this article. The beginning of what indeed? The main idea was that I should write about the beginning of this blog, which was a really big step for me, because I consider it my own “window to the world”, where I can share my point of view and my thoughts on certain subjects.

            Ok, where was I? Oh yeah, the beginning! Well, I said to myself, why not explain why I started writing in the first place; begin to describe one of my favorite activities which has also helped me a lot in difficult times. Then I thought, why not describe why I started thinking? Sounds funny, but by saying “thinking” I don’t mean a plain sort of thought, but a sort of mostly complex, sometimes weird and usually over-analyzing sort of thinking. Well I’ll say this much, it’s been both a blessing and a curse. However the main idea changed, and I though that I’d try a little “mix” of them all. So, here it goes.

            All the lessons I learned in life, I learned the hard way. The truth is that I’d definitely love to say that it’s all been fun and roses but… no, no way. When I say though “the hard way” it does not by any chance mean that I turned into some sort of emo-freak, self-destructing person, vein-splitting, cry-baby, psycho kid living in a constant nervous breakdown and a state of depression. Although I must admit that I tried some substances when I was younger, because I always thought that they would help me overcome my problems and pain. The truth is that they only made them worse and worse… It’s a sort of living I despise and I could never live with for any longer. I’ll explain more of “the hard way” somewhere else though.

            I’ve had dozens of teachers ever since I was young, with life itself always been the biggest of them all. You never really learn about life and how it works, until it slaps you hard in the face. Many times in the past, I’ve spoken to people who have had it all good. I never turn down a good conversation with anybody, and my motto is that “You can always learn new things from everyone” but, usually when I speak to such a person we can only communicate up to a point. Still, I don’t turn down the neither the conversation nor the person.

            That’s the main reason mostly. The “school of hard knocks” led to more complex thinking, which in its own turn led to writing, which helped me to deal with a lot of bad stuff over the years and eventually, led to this blog. I’ve had some doubts in the beginning, because sharing your thoughts can be good and bad at the same time. I’ve also had a very good teacher though, who helped me a lot in the beginning of this blog and with whom, we hardly even speak anymore for stupid reasons.

            Finally, I recommend that everyone should consider writing, because it’s a very good way to express yourselves. It helps you lay down all your thoughts, good and bad, as well as relieve you of a lot of pressure and help to sort out any confusion that you might have on most of your personal matters.

“I ain't too young to realize, that I ain't too old to try, try to get back to the start…”

SECOND PART: http://dawnofbattle.blogspot.gr/2013/05/individual-thought-patterns-part-ii_20.html

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