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JunkYard 69 - On A Wing And A Prayer [Demo, 2011]

JunkYard 69 - On A Wing And A Prayer [Demo, 2011]

"On A Wing And A Prayer" is the name, rock 'n' roll is the game. The first demo from Junkyard 69 is out and it delivers nearly 17 minutes of pure rock to your ears. The band gets straight to the point from the first song entitled "We Want War", preparing you for what's coming up next. "Web Of Seduction" is another classic hard rock blow, reminding a lot of the 80s L.A. glam days, with a small touch of very, very early Bon Jovi. The next song is called "Jane", and this might come as a little surprise, because not many bands choose to record a ballad for their very first demo. A very nice blend of all the self-destructing musical and lyrical elements of such legends as L.A. Guns, Guns 'n' Roses and Skid Row, this is probably one of the best ballads of it's kind, and it won't go unnoticed, even if the 80s hard rock genre isn’t your style. Another very good song is the last of the demo called "Jailbreak", where the band simply reminds everyone once more, that it's all about rock 'n' roll no matter what.

A very nice blend of all the good elements of good old L.A. glam, sleaze and hard rock, with a very small, nearly non-existent reference to more modern genres like N.W.O.S.S.M., like so many other bands do nowadays. All the songs are pure rock played straight from the heart, the production and vocals are good, and it's definitely a must for everyone who enjoys a fresh breeze of 80s influenced Greek hard rock.

Band Lineup:

Jimmy Junk - Rhythm Guitar
Nikko Lust - Bass
Vaine Ved - Lead Vox
Spades - Drums
Jersey - Lead Guitar


1. We Want War
2. Web Of Seduction
3. Jane (Needle In Your Dreams)
4. Jailbreak

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