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FIREWIND, SCAR OF THE SUN, BARE INFITITY, LIVE @ Fuzz Club 14.01.2012, Athens, Greece

FIREWIND, SCAR OF THE SUN, BARE INFITITY, LIVE @  Fuzz Club 14.01.2012, Athens, Greece

It was the second or third time to see Bare Infinity and they were definitely amazing. The band has every right to be up there in the big stages with other bands of the same genre, and their frontwoman Angel has definitely improved a lot.  The sound was excellent, a very vital part for symphonic metal bands and the band sounded tight. The crowd was going crazy during the whole duration of their show and that added up to their performance. They’re now getting ready to release their second record and embark on a new tour witch also includes dates in Europe and Asia. I believe we’ll be hearing a lot from this band in the near future.

Setlist :
1.Father Of Wrath
2. Everfade
3. The Passage
4. Always Forever
5. Lost Again
6. Awakening Moonlight.

After a 10-15 minute break it was time for Scar Of The Sun to hit the stage. It was the second time for me to see them and I can’t say I had the best of memories from the first time. Actually the band is not even close to the kind of bands I listen to, but I can always enjoy a good show. The first good step was made, the band started out with very good sound which became a bit fuzzy during the end, but the crowd seemed to enjoy every minute of it. They sounded much tighter and much more professional than the last time I saw them, and the good sound just added up to that. The fuzzy sound during the end covered a lot of very good guitar work, which sadly some of it might have gone unnoticed. I believe though that the band keeps getting better, although the vocals might need a bit of improvement, but nevertheless they sound tight and that’s what matters most. I can also recall the crowd going really wild near the end, over a guitar pic and the setlist paper, things you rarely see nowadays.

1. 8th Ocean Dried
2. Ode To A Failure
3. Swansong Of Senses
4. Burn The Memory
5. Disciple Of The Sun
6. Gravity

After nearly 30-35 minutes of stage preparation, cheering and anticipation from the crowd, it was time for Firewind to hit the stage. Being a strong supporter of the underground scene for many years and nearly disregarding newer and more commercial stuff, I can’t say that I’m a big fan of the band myself, but I can certainly say that they can put up a show to please even the most demanding metal fan. Having seen them 2-3 times in the past, always supporting big metal bands, I never got the chance to see them play their own full headline show. This was also the end of their tour for the “Days Of Defiance” album, as well as the end of 2 other tours for Gus G, the world tour with Ozzy Osbourne and his solo tour in Japan.
I can’t say that like many bands Firewind have their “own crowd”. It’s true that most of the crowd is composed of really young people, but it’s definitely not the kind of band that does not please fans of older ages. Although the big fuss always comes from the really young ones. And I believe that is mostly because of two reasons. First because their style is considered more mainstream than other bands, which means it interests more than the average fan, and secondly because Gus G and Bob Katsionis are the two members of the band that have their own personal fame and fanbase which goes beyond the band, due to their musical activities outside Firewind.
Under the sound of Black Sabbaths Supertzar, the band came on stage. They started out with a couple of new songs and continued playing a lot of the old stuff as well. Most of the crowd was participating, singing and having fun in general. The sound was very good at the biggest part of the concert, just a little louder on the drums which was worse if you were standing on the sides like myself, a thing that made me change place during the concert. A lot of soloing and instrumental songs were played as well, which didn’t get not even a little boring at any part, because Gus and Bob were always interacting during playing them. The band is a real crowd pleaser though and really professional at what they do, even if it is just interacting with the crowd during the concert, unlike many bands do nowadays.
The band also presented their new drummer who, although he seemed a little young at age, managed to cope very well with the songs, as well as two new songs in this show, called “Losing My Mind” and “Wall Of Sound”, from their new work which is scheduled to be released in May, and it’s called “Few Against Many”. They also announced some special guest appearances for the Athens show, something that sadly never happened, although I did see certain members from other great Greek metal bands wandering around, such as InnerWish, Rotting Christ, etc.
In general it was a very good show, all the bands gave their best self, and it was indeed very nice and aspiring to see almost the entire crowd participating. We definitely need more shows like this one.

Setlist :
1. Ark Of Lies
2. Head Up High
3. Destination Forever
4. Keyboard Solo
5. Angels Forgive Me
6. World On Fire
7. Guitar Solo
8. The Fire And The Fury
9. Heading For The Dawn
10. My Loneliness
11. Mercenary Man
12. SKG
13. Wall Of Sound (New)
14. Till The End Of Time
15. I Am The Anger
16. Tyranny
17. Into The Fire
18. Losing My Mind (New)

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