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Psychotic Waltz, Royal Hunt, Pagan’s Mind, Live @ FUZZ Club, 28/04/2012

Psychotic Waltz, Royal Hunt, Pagan’s Mind, Live @ Fuzz Club, 28/04/2012

One can find many beautiful words to describe a lot of things, except magic. Because only once the true art of magic unfurls before your eyes, does it become apparent. How can someone find words to describe magic then? One can only try, because there is no actual explanation for certain moments, especially not through words or images.
                Thankfully the time schedule for the concert was kept, and when I entered the venue, Pagan’s Mind was already on stage. The band’s performance was excellent despite certain sound problems here and there. I’ve never listened to them before, but they definitely are a band that every prog/power metalhead should check out. Their songs are a blend of very demanding and melodic metal, and you can tell that they’re all very skilled and experienced musicians. They played for almost 70 minutes and I also have to mention, that they had a certain promotion advertisement running from the Norwegian Embassy and Norwegian Institute as well, which were supporting the event, something that sadly does not happen with Greek bands abroad. Go Norway!
                Almost half an hour after the end of Pagan’s Mind set, Royal Hunt were getting ready to blow our minds. The band had recently reunited –after popular demand- with their former vocalist D.C. Cooper and had released a new very good record. Certain part of the audience had mixed emotions regarding the appearance of Royal Hunt, because the band that was originally announced to play was Mekong Delta, who cancelled their appearance for unknown reasons. As far as I’m concerned, Royal Hunt is one of the best bands of the genre and D.C. Cooper is a born frontman. Everything was rolling smoothly –except the damn sound-, D.C. was communicating with the crowd at all times and his voice is sensational as always. The band was giving it’s best self and it was hard to notice reactions from the crowd, but I believe most of them were pleased. It was after all the first night of their world tour and they were full of energy. Their set was almost 90 minutes and it consisted mainly from their last record with great songs like “One More Day”, “Angel’s Gone” and my favourite “Half Past Loneliness”. I hope that the next time they visit us (soon please!) we’ll get the chance to hear some more of their 90s classic stuff. “Paradox” is a fantastic record and probably their most famous -at least here in Greece-, and no song from it was included.

Royal Hunt Setlist:

One More Day
The Mission
Hard Rain’s Coming
Step By Step
Wasted Time
Age Gone Wild
Guitar Solo
Half Past Loneliness
Kingdom Dark
Angel’s Gone
Last Goodbye

                And finally, it was time for a lifelong dream to become reality before us. The legendary Psychotic Waltz would be on stage in a matter of minutes. One of the most underrated progressive metal bands, if not THE most underrated, had reunited after more than 10 years. The band members had their own projects since then, especially their frontman Devon Graves (aka Buddy Lackey) but once again the ongoing demands and prayers from the fans were heard. The full original lineup was back together and they’d already announced that they were going to play 150 minutes (2,5 hours) in both Athens and Thessaloniki. Suddenly, Ward Evans came on stage and picked up the 2 pages of their setlist and showed them to us. The cheering from the crowd was simply unprecedented. And the trip into madness began… I can’t easily pick a few songs here because I consider them all being great in their own way. The bands performance was much more than we expected and Devon Graves is what we call “the right man in the right spot”. His theatrical moves and tribal dances throughout the gig guided us inside the crazy world of Psychotic Waltz. The only problem during the first songs, and I hate that I have to mention it once more, was the sound. It was that bad that the crowd started screaming “turn the voice louder”. When the time came for the band to end their show, we were all standing speechless for a minute or two, still unable to believe what we had just experienced. Then it was time for the 10 minute applauds to take place. I’ve said it in the beginning and I’ll say it again now. This was purely magic. Nothing more, nothing less.
I could go on for hours about this band, but I’d rather end it here. There is never enough to say or write about Psychotic Waltz. They’re one of the mysteries in music that each and every one must discover on their own.

Psychotic Waltz setlist:

Sleeping Dogs (Intro)
Out Of Mind
Tiny Streams
In This Place
Northern Lights
Haze One
Into The Everflow
Hanging On A String
My Grave
I Remember
Shattered Sky
All The Voices
Another Prophet Song
Halo Of Thorns
I Of The Storm
...And The Devil Cried
Spiral Tower

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