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Benediction, Decomposed Existence LIVE @ AN Club, Athens, Greece, 18/05/2012

Benediction, Decomposed Existence LIVE @ AN Club, Athens, Greece, 18/05/2012

It was finally time to see the old-school deathsters from the U.K. , I’ve it was definitely one of the bands that I was really looking forward to see.  I’ve also had quite a while since the last time that I went to a death metal gig, so it was really something to spice up the night.

The first band to appear on stage was Decomposed Existence, a very fresh young death metal band from Greece. Their performance was very good, despite the lack of cheering from the crowd, actually, there was no crowd to cheer. I think I counted about 30 people when I entered the venue and it really was a sad thing to see. Almost half of the concerts nowadays are like this due to the economic crisis and political turmoil.  Anyway, the band played some songs from their first and upcoming second EP as well as an “Asphyx” cover.  Their whole show was very good and I think we’ll be hearing from them soon.

Finally it was time for Benediction to demolish the stage. Sadly, the crowd wasn’t getting any bigger. Maybe another 10-20 people entered during the show, and that was it. The band gave their best self on stage despite the lack of crowd and they seem to enjoy themselves very much. The few people that were on the front line were already warmed up so some moshing and headbanging finally started to take place.  The sound was very good throughout the whole gig and that contributed to a whole new level of live experience. Even though there were not many people at the club, the atmosphere was really warm and family-like.  The band kept communicating with the crowd during the gig, especially for all the problems that Greece is going through right now.  They also announced that they weren’t gonna lie to us about saying “goodnight” and then doing an encore, instead they were just gonna stay on stage and do three more songs. They played a sufficient set, not too long, not too short, although several people complained about the small duration of the gig. I have to say this one. Maybe it was smaller than they expected, but the band definitely gave their best selves up there, making it a great night for everyone who attended. Cheers to Benediction!

Benediction Setlist:
1) Intro
2) Unfound Mortality
3) Nothing on the Inside
4) The Grey Man
5) Contropolis (Rats In The Mask)
6) Nightfear
7) Nervebomb
8) The Grotesque
9) They Must Die Screaming
10) Shadow World
11) The Dreams You Dread
12) Suffering Feeds Me
13) Jumping at Shadows
14) Subconscious Terror
15) Magnificat

Also on Burst.gr - http://burst.gr/live/reports/item/1203-live-report-benediction-decomposed-existence-live--an-club-athens-greece-18/05/2012#

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