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"In a society that I hate deeply and scars my soul daily, the foundations and rules of which I deny, being likeable would mean that I am starting to look like it..."

This is the quote that I live by the last few years but come to think of it, I could as well be living by that particular quote all my life, without even knowing it.

The purpose of this blog is to gather all my thoughts in one place, nothing fancy, just a piece of me. The articles that I write are a blend of my experiences and thoughts.

I hope some of you enjoy what you read here and Ι welcome you all to walk down that road together.


ManOwaR - The Lord Of Steel [2012]

ManOwaR - The Lord Of Steel [2012]

The long awaited new ManOwaR entitled “The Lord Of Steel” album finally came out to face once more every bad criticism and review from all the ex-ManOwaR fans, all the people who just “can’t stand ManOwaR still being around” and all those guys who say “I like only the first four albums”. Ah, I almost forgot the people who say “ManOwaR is only good when Ross The Boss was part of the lineup”. This critic is not for any of these gentlemen, because simply nothing I will say can ever change their opinion. This is a critic for everyone else, for everyone who stood next to ManOwaR not only as a fan to a band, but as something much more. It is not only “my view on the last ManOwaR record” but much, much, much more.

So, I won’t even have to refer to previous ManOwaR albums because every ManOwaR album is unique and different from another in it’s own way. What is about to unfold here is only the last 2 years of the band. Since the controversial rerecording of Battle Hymns and the bands 2 tours for the celebration of the album much has happened. The band had recruited their original drummer Donnie Hamzik once more, a rather strange choice considering that he has only played in their first album and not much is heard of him since he left, except probably his appearance in Earthshaker Fest 2005, during ManOwaR’s appearance. Donnie was officially a member in October 15th, 2010. Less than a month since he rejoined, at November 8th 2010, Joey DeMaio announced that the songs written for the album “Hammer Of The Gods” would be rewritten and everything they’ve written so far was now history. I’ll have to mention at that point that the next year ManOwaR fans suffered the loss of the great Scott Columbus due to an illness.

That brings us to the present. The first “sample” of the new record that was about to be named “The Lord Of Steel” now, was the song “El Gringo”, a rather mid-tempo song, which reminds a lot of the “Louder Than Hell” days of the band. The first thing that one notices about the song is that Donnie Hamzik does not “burn like a mad motherfucking demon on drums” like Joey had stated in his earlier video, but he’s rather playing the same rhythm over and over again. The production of the song is also nothing close to the previous records. Karl Logan is barely present and the bass has a rather, altered sound. If someone sees Joeys record update video here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4VegPUg78kk, he can clearly sense that the bass sound is nothing close to that. The result is a nice Heavy Metal song, but Eric Adams saves the day again. The next song sample that leaked on YouTube named “Expendable” was even simpler as a composition.

June 16th. Judgment Day. The record is out and all I hear from -almost- everyone is how shitty this album is. I have to be honest here. The first time I heard the album I couldn’t get used to it. It didn’t sound “shitty” but it definitely sounded weird. Then again, when I first heard “Gods Of War” with all it’s intros and keyboards, it sounded weird also. But now I consider songs like “King Of Kings”, “Loki God Of Fire”, “Sleipnir” and “The Sons Of Odin” classics and “Blood Brothers” one of the best ballads that ManOwaR have ever written. The first song of the new record is the title track, “The Lord Of Steel” and the first thing that one can spot is the bass that sounds like some weird synth. Joey had one of the most recognizable bass sounds in all Heavy Metal and I really don’t know why he changed it so much.

The second song “Manowarriors” is a tribute to the fans of the band. ManOwaR always paid homage to their fans and I believe that their greatest homage to their fans so far is the cover of the song “Father” in 16 languages including my native language, Greek. The first two songs feature a rather aggressive Eric Adams than the screaming monster that we’re used to.

The next song on the record is “Born In A Grave” a slow and devastating song with the only minus being probably the bass sound again and the overall mediocre production of the record.

The next song is called “Righteous Glory”, it’s the ballad of the record and I must say this with a heavy heart but it’s probably the weakest ballad that the band has ever written. I won’t go any further into that, I’ll only say that if Eric Adams added a little more color and feel to his voice we’d be talking of a very good song. Just compare it with “Hymn Of The Immortal Warriors” which is full of keyboards, choruses, etc but the feeling of Eric Adams and the solo combined with all that kick ass. Nuff said.

“Touch The Sky” is the song where the weird bass sound is probably more obvious than ever. Despite that, it’s a classic song which reminds a lot of the 90s ManOwaR years, “Metal Warriors”, “Number 1”, etc. It’s also the first song of the record where you can hear a refreshed Eric Adams and a much better work from Karl Logan.

Right after that there is a song called “Black List”, which gets us back to where we started in this record. In this song you can actually see ManOwaR trying hard to play a good song. The result is not even close. It definitely is among the most uninspired compositions of ManOwaR, there are no serious riffs, lyrics, nothing. It’s the first time that I wish that a song of ManOwaR shouldn’t have ever been written.

A weird groovy riff, the most annoying bass sound in the whole record, Eric Adams saving the day again equals… “Expendable”. Did I forget something? Oh yes I did… the worst solo ever from Karl Logan. What the hell happened here???

And we’re finally here. “El Gringo”. I spoke earlier about this song and what I think it sounds like, but compared to the rest of this record, it sounds like a gem. 90s ManOwaR feeling again, party r’n’r mood, a song made to be the records hit single.

“Annihilation” is the only song that also captures the mood of “El Gringo”. Maybe “Touch The Sky” as well. It’s nothing very special, but listening to the record over and over I believe that the whole record should be written in the same mood. Just listen to the drum beat and you’ll get the feel that I’m talking about.

The record ends with “Hail, Kill And Die”. From the beginning of the song you can realize that it’s a tribute to the bands history, much like “Blood Of The Kings”. I really have no problem with that, but it does not represent the band history except for the lyrics. “Blood Of The Kings” had a riff which made you shiver and an Eric Adams that made all other Heavy Metal singers fade away instantly. This song and especially it’s verse, remind more of the “Die For Metal”-era of the band, than the “Kings Of Metal”-era. I really waited for something better as an epilogue.

I’m not a believer of the phrase that “you should give a few more hours to listen to a record that didn’t leave you speechless the first time you heard it”. I remember a friend pushing me to do so with the last Iron Maiden record which I didn’t like. But I have to say at that point, that I expected that in this record. This is a record that came out in a hurry, between tours, and the band was definitely tired from the double tour in 2011. That is more than obvious in the record. My opinion is that the band should take a little more time to work on the songs and production of the record. The overall result isn’t bad, but it’s probably a lot less than ManOwaR can give in a record. A better production and much better bass sound (just listen to the bass on the intro of “All Men Play On 10” dammit) would boost the record to new heights. Eric Adams can’t save the day forever. However, the record does remind me a lot of the “Louder Than Hell” record. So, what happens now?

As a fan and as a person who has connected the bands music with countless stuff and situations in my life, I do not wish to “disconnect” from them. There isn’t a single person who wouldn’t want the old ManOwaR back, the band that could wipe out discographies with one riff and create new planets with another. I won’t even start to mention stuff like “come on they’ve been playing for 30 years” or “they’re pushing 60 years old” etc. The problem is that this record doesn’t grab you by the balls. This is their style now, its how they’ve chosen to play, accept it or forget it, just let it be. After all, we’re talking about the band that has being badly criticized for everything, lyrics, clothing, political views, etc, more than any other. Personally I love their latest stuff and I’ve seen them play live for 2,5 hours non-stop. They’ve heard the fans point of view and stopped some of their on stage stuff like uberposing, topless girls, endless speeches, etc and focused solely on the presentation of their music. ManOwaR don’t have to prove anything to me that they haven’t proven already. As far as I’m concerned they still are the best Heavy Metal band around and that will never change. Heavy Metal wouldn’t be the same without them, I wouldn’t be the same without them and just for that, I’ll keep supporting the band until the very end.
Download is a substitute, support real music and buy some records!

2013 Update: The "Hammer Edition" of the album is much more improved than the original version. The vocal lines are better and so are the choruses. Some keyboards have been added, some else have been removed and some (not all) guitar solos have changed for the better. So, I must say that final version of the record is way better than the first one. And last but not least, there is also an epic extra song. ALL HAIL.

Megadeth, Kvelertak Live @ Entertainment Stage, 20-06-2012, Athens, Greece.

Megadeth, Kvelertak Live @ Entertainment Stage, 20-06-2012, Athens, Greece. 

After a very hot and long day, the only thing on my mind was tonight’s concert. I had my doubts about the venue, because I haven’t been there for a gig before, but I knew that it was a little bigger from the previous venue so, it would definitely be a little more comfortable.

 Arriving at the venue was indeed very easy. It’s in the center of Athens with lots of places to park. Although there was another event nearby that day and I had to search around for a spot a little longer. Many friends and familiar faces were outside the gig, but I couldn’t wait to get inside and find a good spot. Kvelertak were already on stage and the place was packed. Those Norwegians have the reputation of a really good live band and the crowd seemed to enjoy their show a lot. I can’t say that they’re my style, but they sure have some energy and a party mood that doesn’t leave you uninterested. The sound in the back of the venue was muffled though so I moved to the upper part. Most of the venue is well air-conditioned and very well designed for anyone who wants to move around. The sound had it’s ups and downs though making it difficult to tell one song from another at times but the band didn’t care and went even wilder. The people were in a constant “headbang and crowd-surf”mood. The band gave it’s very best self for a little less than an hour and the crowd couldn’t wait for MegaDave to take the stage.

Everybody knows the history of Megadeth more or less. Everybody has compared them to Metallica at least once. But Megadeth are a league of their own, Dave Mustaine is one of the greatest composers in technical thrash metal and that’s all there is to it. Love him or hate him, the guy has released some of the most monumental records in thrash metal and he still is one of the most productive musicians. The band came on stage under the sounds of “Never Dead” and the crowd got wild. “Headcrusher” followed and “Hangar 18” right after that to transform the crowd into a moving mass. The sound was very bad at some points, the bass was way too loud and the drums seemed to be either loud or muffled. Dave switched into something a little slower, a medley of “Trust” and “In My Darkest Hour” which definitely turned out to be one of the best parts of the night. Dave was obviously very tired due to the problems with his health but the crowd didn’t seem to bother. The sound got a little better and “She-Wolf” made her appearance, followed by “Dawn Patrol” probably Dave (Mustaine’s) tribute to Dave (Ellefson), as well with some other gems of the past like “Poison Was The Cure”, “Sweating Bullets” and “A Tout Le Monde”.

 Chris Broderick is a phenomenal guitarist, he did a great job throughout the whole gig and that really sets new standards for the band. Two more MegaClassics followed, “Angry Again” which was written for the soundtrack to a Schwarzenegger film “Last Action Hero” and the killer “High Speed Dirt”. Then it was time to ease our tension for a while with three new songs from the 13 album, “Guns, Drugs & Money”, “Whose Life (Is It Anyways?)” and the records single “Public Enemy No. 1”. The songs aren’t bad, but they’re definitely a little weaker compared to earlier Megadeth stuff. “Symphony Of Destruction” (with the classic ME-GA-DETH O-O-O ME-GA-DETH, cheering from the crowd) and “Peace Sells” (with a special appearance from Vic Rattlehead) ended the show.

The encore was nothing less than the bands hymn, “Holy Wars... The Punishment Due” and a perfect fit to end the night. I wanted them to play a little longer but I can understand that this should have been very difficult. Well, despite the fact that Mustaine wasn’t very good in his health, despite the fact that the vocals at some point weren’t even there, despite the fact that I wanted to hear a few more song, I must say that for me that was the best Megadeth show that I’ve ever seen. Dave Mustaine is definitely have a better contact with the crowd now than in the past and the bands current lineup is great. The crowd seemed to enjoy the show 100% and I believe that MegaDave was really touched at a point from the crowds response. And I also noticed the lack of many idiots screaming “Metallicaaa” or “Four Horsemeeen” in the crowd, like we had in some previous Megadeth gigs.

P.S. – Dave Mustaine posted the following message on his twitter account after the gig. “The Greek fans were amazing. Too bad the leaders here harmed these wonderful people by failing to protect who they serve.” All I can say is. #respect

Megadeth setlist:

1. Never Dead
2. Head Crusher
3. Hangar 18
4. Trust
5. In My Darkest Hour
6. She-Wolf
7. Dawn Patrol
8. Poison Was the Cure
9. Sweating Bullets
10. A Tout Le Monde
11. Angry Again
12. High Speed Dirt
13. Guns, Drugs & Money
14. Whose Life (Is It Anyways?)
15. Public Enemy No. 1
16. Symphony of Destruction
17. Peace Sells
18. Holy Wars... The Punishment Due
19. Silent Scorn

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Chris Broderick:


Exodus, Obituary, Heathen, Morgoth Live @ Fuzz Club, 09/06/2012, Athens, Greece

Exodus, Obituary, Heathen, Morgoth Live @ Fuzz Club, 09/06/2012, Athens, Greece

I wanted to go to a 100% extreme metal gig for a long time. And that time was finally here. 4 great bands from thrash to death metal, were more than enough to satisfy my hunger for tonight. Among the bands was also Heathen, another great band from the legendary Bay Area that I’ve been longing to see live for many years.

The first band on the bill was the recently reunited Morgoth, a band that has a lot of die-hard fans who went in the gig only for them. These Germans are definitely not your everyday death metal, their music has way too many elements to be categorized. Despite the fact that their guitarist was not present due to a sudden illness, the band played their songs perfectly and maybe a little more “groovy” than usual. The overall sound had it’s ups and downs but from the middle of the venue it was great. The band seemed very relaxed and professional and they were never losing contact with the crowd as well, especially their bass player who is Greek, and their singer. Their performance was great and I believe they gained many new fans that night.

Morgoth setlist:

Body Count
Exit To Temptation
Unreal Imagination
Opportunity Is Gone
Suffer Life
Lies Of Distrust
Under The Surface
Sold Baptism
White Gallery
Burnt Identity
Pits Of Utumno

Time for the mighty Heathen! The band has risen to fame among the thrash crowd, despite the fact that they only have 3 albums, and it was time to enjoy that fame. This was their first visit to Greece and they’ve announced that they were going to play a full set as well as record a live album!  I had the bad idea of heading in the front of the venue where the sound was a little muffled at times. Despite that, the band was very tight and with a lot of energy which they were passing on to the crowd. Lee Altus was nailing every song leaving everyone speechless; he’s a total master of the guitar. He was after all considered to be the best guitar player at the 80s Bay Area among all band members, fans and critics. The crowd wasn’t responding too much though, who knows why, maybe we had more deathsters that night or maybe many people haven’t heard of the band. Heathen have added too many melodic and prog elements to their music, a fact which is not accepted by many fans of the “old school thrash” I guess. The band was very tight and their performance was satisfying although I believe that it could have been a little better.

Heathen setlist:

Intro / Dying Season
Control By Chaos
Goblin's Blade
Open The Grave
Fade Away
Heathen’s Song
Arrows Of Agony
Opiate Of The Masses
No Stone Unturned
Silent Nothingness
Mercy Is No Virtue
Death By Hanging

After a big break Obituary came on stage and there we had another absence. Their guitar player Ralph Santolla was not there, something that made their songs sound way more groovy and maybe a little hardcore at some parts. I’ve never seen them play live before but you could easily see that they were the main reason that many people got their asses to the gig at the first place. Numerous Obituary t-shirts and an instant response from the whole crowd when they started playing left no doubts about that. Despite their extreme style, the sound was very good and clean which is always a plus. The absence of guitar solos was more than obvious though. At least the Tardy bros, Trevor Peres and Terry Butler, all legendary death metal figures, left no one unsatisfied. Their massive sound, the hellish screams from John Tardy, the bass-attack from Terry Butler and their very excellent choice of songs made Obituary hands down the best band of the night.

Obituary setlist:

Redneck Stomp
On The Floor
Internal Bleeding
List Of Dead
Blood To Give
Chopped In Half
Turned Inside Out
Threatening Skies
By The Light
Find The Arise
Dethroned Emperor (Celtic Frost cover)
The End Complete
Slow Death
'Til Death
Evil Ways
Slowly We Rot

After having seen Exodus once in the past and not having the best of memories from that show, I expected something way better. Sadly it seemed like I was about to witness a repetition. After a totally exhausting day -and night since it was after midnight when they came out- the last thing I wanted to see was more of that bad sound. Well… guess what? It was like we had only drums and vocals at certain points and I won’t go into any further details. Most of the crowd could hardly hear the guitars and the only thing that made this a thrash show was the endless moshpit which seemed like it was never stopping. Gary Holt’s absence was more than obvious but at least Lee Altus was giving his best once more.  Most of the crowd seemed to enjoy the Exodus performance as time went by though. The sound on the other hand never got any better. Their choice of songs wasn’t the greatest but it still had a lot of classics for fans of their older stuff to enjoy. Near the end of the gig the whole venue was a total mess.  After a massive wall of death –probably the biggest ever in a Greek venue- we had a moshpit which spanned nearly to ? of the venue! That’s the true meaning of thrash metal.

Exodus setlist:

The Last Act Of Defiance
Shroud Of Urine
Brain Dead
Metal Command
And Then There Were None
Pleasures Of The Flesh
A Lesson In Violence
Scar Spangled Banner
Bonded By Blood
War Is My Shepherd
The Toxic Waltz
Strike Of The Beast

I won’t guarantee that everyone left with the best memories but it was definitely a very good show that we don’t get the chance to see very often. Sadly it ended very late and many people missed Exodus because they had to catch the last bus. Despite the lack of guitarists though the greatest “enemy” was the bad sound once more, which is sad because it’s somehow growing into a tradition in the certain venue. Overally it was a very good show and I’m more than glad I attended it.

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Sepultura, Suicidal Angels, Flames, Hammercult, Verdict Denied Live @ Fuzz Club, 02/06/12

Sepultura, Suicidal Angels, Flames, Hammercult, Verdict Denied Live @ Fuzz Club, 02/06/12

Despite all my efforts not to, finally I arrived a little late at the venue and sadly I missed Verdict Denied and a couple of songs from Hammercult. I’ve listened to this band in the past and it definitely has some potential. The poor sound wasn’t on their side though. I saw their set from the back of the venue although I don’t think that the situation would be any different in the middle of the venue or the front row. The band played very good although the crowd didn’t seem to respond much. At least the sound showed some improvement before the end of their set. Time for the reunited Flames!

Hammercult setlist:

Black Horseman
Let the Angels Burn
Above the Ruins
Riding Through Hell
Diabolic Overkill
We are Hammercult
Into the Death Gate
Hell's Unleashed
Stealer of Souls

I was really looking forward to see Flames for 2 reasons. First is because I’ve seen them with 2-3 other singers and they didn’t cope all that well and second, because Alex their original singer was my gymnast for 7-8 years and I hadn’t seen him in almost 10 years! I knew that he sang with Flames in the past, but I never thought that I’d see him perform with them again. I headed for the front line, which was very easy considering the lack of crowd and the fact that many people went in the back just before Flames started to play. Finally the band came on stage and they looked meant business. Alex was literally going up and down the stage and giving his best self like a day hadn’t gone by! The crowd didn’t seem to respond much though, which is a shame considering that Flames are the first Greek thrash metal band and one of the first Greek metal bands. They played all of their anthems perfectly although the sound wasn’t on their side, making the guitar and bass sound muffled at certain points. Alex said that they were back for good and they’re recording new stuff. We’re hoping for nothing but the best as always.

Flames setlist:

Red Terror
Jesus Christ
Legions of Death
Never ending Suicide
Bombenhagel (Sodom cover)
Pollution Attack
Agnostic Front
Alcoholic and Beer
Rotten Life
Summon the Dead
Eastern Front

Time for Suicidal Angels. From the moment the band hits the stage to the moment they left, you could clearly feel the energy flowing from both the band and the crowd. I must say that I have seen them several times in the past and I didn’t enjoy all of them. They always seemed like a band that had a certain “pattern” on stage and that’s the first idea that I got when I saw them again now. That changed instantly of course. Endless headbanging and one killer song after another didn’t even leave you time to breathe. Well, so much for my judgement. And just when you though that it couldn’t get any better, the singer left that stage and came down on the front row to make the crowd go even wilder. The sound was from mediocre to good but then again not good enough. At least the guitar and bass were way clearer than before. Their performance was beyond words and this was definitively the best time I’ve seen them on stage.

Suicidal Angels setlist:

Bleeding Holocaust
Reborn In Violence
Face of God
Final Dawn
Morbid Intention to Kill
Bleeding Cries
Pestilence of Saints
Moshing Crew

10 minutes to midnight and the Seps are up and ready to destroy. After the intro ended, the band started bashing us with 1-2 oldies, just to get the crowd started. They continued with some stuff from their latest album Kairos as well as the previous albums with Derrick as well as a Ministry cover. One thing I noticed almost instantly was that the quality of the sound was perfect. You could hear everything crystal clear, probably the best sound I’ve ever heard in FUZZ Club and in an extreme metal band nevertheless. Derrick kept talking with the crowd while delivering vocal as well as drum lessons.
Then Andreas introduced their 21 year old drummer, saying that he wasn’t even born when the “Arise” album came out. After that Eloy played a devastating drum solo that left everyone speechless. The guy is a machine! Andreas spoke with the crowd again for a while due to a small technical issue and then he started playing a little something from their debut… Necromancer! Followed by some more Sepultura oldies from Schizophrenia this time. It was time for their encore and 5 more classics followed up to end a great night.
I like Max Cavalera a lot. I’ve “connected” many Sepultura songs with his voice, like “Inner Self” for example. But I didn’t miss him for a single second. There were some guys yelling “Cavalera!” all the time, but I must say that Derrick did more than just a great job. He is a total monster on stage (literally!) always moving and full of energy and he sang perfectly every Sepultura song, old and new. Andreas and Paulo were playing like beasts and Eloy is just a too good too be true drummer. Definitely a great gig in any way possible, I headed home with nothing but good memories.

Sepultura setlist:

Intro/Beneath the Remains
Dead Embryonic Cells
Convicted In Life
What I do!
Septic Schizo/Escape To The Void
Just One Fix (Ministry cover)

Cloven Hoof, Thelemite, Heart Attack Live @ 7sins, 01/06/2012

Cloven Hoof, Thelemite, Heart Attack Live @ 7sins, 01/06/2012

After a couple of times in the past where I’ve missed the chance to see them, it was finally time to witness Cloven Hoof, the legendary metal band from the U.K. in a very special show. The band was about to rerelease their classic record “A Sultan’s Ransom”, which also happens to be one of my favorite Heavy Metal records, and they were going to present it in its entirety!

I arrived only to find out that despite the cheap ticket price (17 euro), the venue was almost empty. I must admit that this isn’t the best venue in Athens and many people are unemployed, but it seems like less and less people are going to see a gig nowadays. The first band on stage was Thelemite, a very fresh Greek band that sadly played in front of nearly 30-40 people. Their sound is a mixture of good old Rainbow and Black Sabbath with some melodic elements. They played some of their songs along with some covers. Their performance was good, although I have seen them once in the past and they’ve played much better. The second band was Heart Attack, another very fresh and melodic Greek band. They had several lineup changes but they sounded very tight. Their songs are very good although the sound in the club could be a little better. Some more people kept coming in, but still not too many.

There were also two benches with merch at the gig with lots of records and t-shirts for anyone to buy, and most band members stayed until the end of the gig. It was time for Cloven Hoof to hit the stage and I really had high hopes regarding the fact that Russ North was back in the band. I stepped outside to breath some fresh air after Heart Attack finished their set and it was just in time to hear an EXCELLENT A Capella performance from Russ North who was backstage, in a couple of Cloven Hoof classics! What an extraordinary vocal range this man still has…

I rushed down again to witness the greatness. The band was on stage and seemed way too excited to visit Greece once more. The welcome was very warm but the lack of crowd was more than obvious. They started playing the “A Sultan’s Ransom” record and they actually nailed all the songs in the record, along some songs from previous records, in a very unique and magical way.  I really didn’t expect their performance to be at such high standards. They were communicating at all times with each other and with the crowd and the results were more than obvious. Even though I was standing in the front row, the sound was very clear and you could hear even the slightest changes. The performances from all the band members were great and they actually sounded better than the record! My only complaint is I wanted them to play a little more… oh well, maybe next time. The band stayed in the club after the gig for signings, photos and meeting with the fans. Truly a memorable night…

Cloven Hoof setlist:

Astral Rider
Forgotten Heroes
Jekyll and Hyde
1001 Nights
Silver Surfer
Notre Dame
Mad, Mad World
Mistress of the Forest
The Gates of Gehenna
Reach for the Sky
Nova Battlestar

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