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Megadeth, Kvelertak Live @ Entertainment Stage, 20-06-2012, Athens, Greece.

Megadeth, Kvelertak Live @ Entertainment Stage, 20-06-2012, Athens, Greece. 

After a very hot and long day, the only thing on my mind was tonight’s concert. I had my doubts about the venue, because I haven’t been there for a gig before, but I knew that it was a little bigger from the previous venue so, it would definitely be a little more comfortable.

 Arriving at the venue was indeed very easy. It’s in the center of Athens with lots of places to park. Although there was another event nearby that day and I had to search around for a spot a little longer. Many friends and familiar faces were outside the gig, but I couldn’t wait to get inside and find a good spot. Kvelertak were already on stage and the place was packed. Those Norwegians have the reputation of a really good live band and the crowd seemed to enjoy their show a lot. I can’t say that they’re my style, but they sure have some energy and a party mood that doesn’t leave you uninterested. The sound in the back of the venue was muffled though so I moved to the upper part. Most of the venue is well air-conditioned and very well designed for anyone who wants to move around. The sound had it’s ups and downs though making it difficult to tell one song from another at times but the band didn’t care and went even wilder. The people were in a constant “headbang and crowd-surf”mood. The band gave it’s very best self for a little less than an hour and the crowd couldn’t wait for MegaDave to take the stage.

Everybody knows the history of Megadeth more or less. Everybody has compared them to Metallica at least once. But Megadeth are a league of their own, Dave Mustaine is one of the greatest composers in technical thrash metal and that’s all there is to it. Love him or hate him, the guy has released some of the most monumental records in thrash metal and he still is one of the most productive musicians. The band came on stage under the sounds of “Never Dead” and the crowd got wild. “Headcrusher” followed and “Hangar 18” right after that to transform the crowd into a moving mass. The sound was very bad at some points, the bass was way too loud and the drums seemed to be either loud or muffled. Dave switched into something a little slower, a medley of “Trust” and “In My Darkest Hour” which definitely turned out to be one of the best parts of the night. Dave was obviously very tired due to the problems with his health but the crowd didn’t seem to bother. The sound got a little better and “She-Wolf” made her appearance, followed by “Dawn Patrol” probably Dave (Mustaine’s) tribute to Dave (Ellefson), as well with some other gems of the past like “Poison Was The Cure”, “Sweating Bullets” and “A Tout Le Monde”.

 Chris Broderick is a phenomenal guitarist, he did a great job throughout the whole gig and that really sets new standards for the band. Two more MegaClassics followed, “Angry Again” which was written for the soundtrack to a Schwarzenegger film “Last Action Hero” and the killer “High Speed Dirt”. Then it was time to ease our tension for a while with three new songs from the 13 album, “Guns, Drugs & Money”, “Whose Life (Is It Anyways?)” and the records single “Public Enemy No. 1”. The songs aren’t bad, but they’re definitely a little weaker compared to earlier Megadeth stuff. “Symphony Of Destruction” (with the classic ME-GA-DETH O-O-O ME-GA-DETH, cheering from the crowd) and “Peace Sells” (with a special appearance from Vic Rattlehead) ended the show.

The encore was nothing less than the bands hymn, “Holy Wars... The Punishment Due” and a perfect fit to end the night. I wanted them to play a little longer but I can understand that this should have been very difficult. Well, despite the fact that Mustaine wasn’t very good in his health, despite the fact that the vocals at some point weren’t even there, despite the fact that I wanted to hear a few more song, I must say that for me that was the best Megadeth show that I’ve ever seen. Dave Mustaine is definitely have a better contact with the crowd now than in the past and the bands current lineup is great. The crowd seemed to enjoy the show 100% and I believe that MegaDave was really touched at a point from the crowds response. And I also noticed the lack of many idiots screaming “Metallicaaa” or “Four Horsemeeen” in the crowd, like we had in some previous Megadeth gigs.

P.S. – Dave Mustaine posted the following message on his twitter account after the gig. “The Greek fans were amazing. Too bad the leaders here harmed these wonderful people by failing to protect who they serve.” All I can say is. #respect

Megadeth setlist:

1. Never Dead
2. Head Crusher
3. Hangar 18
4. Trust
5. In My Darkest Hour
6. She-Wolf
7. Dawn Patrol
8. Poison Was the Cure
9. Sweating Bullets
10. A Tout Le Monde
11. Angry Again
12. High Speed Dirt
13. Guns, Drugs & Money
14. Whose Life (Is It Anyways?)
15. Public Enemy No. 1
16. Symphony of Destruction
17. Peace Sells
18. Holy Wars... The Punishment Due
19. Silent Scorn

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