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Sepultura, Suicidal Angels, Flames, Hammercult, Verdict Denied Live @ Fuzz Club, 02/06/12

Sepultura, Suicidal Angels, Flames, Hammercult, Verdict Denied Live @ Fuzz Club, 02/06/12

Despite all my efforts not to, finally I arrived a little late at the venue and sadly I missed Verdict Denied and a couple of songs from Hammercult. I’ve listened to this band in the past and it definitely has some potential. The poor sound wasn’t on their side though. I saw their set from the back of the venue although I don’t think that the situation would be any different in the middle of the venue or the front row. The band played very good although the crowd didn’t seem to respond much. At least the sound showed some improvement before the end of their set. Time for the reunited Flames!

Hammercult setlist:

Black Horseman
Let the Angels Burn
Above the Ruins
Riding Through Hell
Diabolic Overkill
We are Hammercult
Into the Death Gate
Hell's Unleashed
Stealer of Souls

I was really looking forward to see Flames for 2 reasons. First is because I’ve seen them with 2-3 other singers and they didn’t cope all that well and second, because Alex their original singer was my gymnast for 7-8 years and I hadn’t seen him in almost 10 years! I knew that he sang with Flames in the past, but I never thought that I’d see him perform with them again. I headed for the front line, which was very easy considering the lack of crowd and the fact that many people went in the back just before Flames started to play. Finally the band came on stage and they looked meant business. Alex was literally going up and down the stage and giving his best self like a day hadn’t gone by! The crowd didn’t seem to respond much though, which is a shame considering that Flames are the first Greek thrash metal band and one of the first Greek metal bands. They played all of their anthems perfectly although the sound wasn’t on their side, making the guitar and bass sound muffled at certain points. Alex said that they were back for good and they’re recording new stuff. We’re hoping for nothing but the best as always.

Flames setlist:

Red Terror
Jesus Christ
Legions of Death
Never ending Suicide
Bombenhagel (Sodom cover)
Pollution Attack
Agnostic Front
Alcoholic and Beer
Rotten Life
Summon the Dead
Eastern Front

Time for Suicidal Angels. From the moment the band hits the stage to the moment they left, you could clearly feel the energy flowing from both the band and the crowd. I must say that I have seen them several times in the past and I didn’t enjoy all of them. They always seemed like a band that had a certain “pattern” on stage and that’s the first idea that I got when I saw them again now. That changed instantly of course. Endless headbanging and one killer song after another didn’t even leave you time to breathe. Well, so much for my judgement. And just when you though that it couldn’t get any better, the singer left that stage and came down on the front row to make the crowd go even wilder. The sound was from mediocre to good but then again not good enough. At least the guitar and bass were way clearer than before. Their performance was beyond words and this was definitively the best time I’ve seen them on stage.

Suicidal Angels setlist:

Bleeding Holocaust
Reborn In Violence
Face of God
Final Dawn
Morbid Intention to Kill
Bleeding Cries
Pestilence of Saints
Moshing Crew

10 minutes to midnight and the Seps are up and ready to destroy. After the intro ended, the band started bashing us with 1-2 oldies, just to get the crowd started. They continued with some stuff from their latest album Kairos as well as the previous albums with Derrick as well as a Ministry cover. One thing I noticed almost instantly was that the quality of the sound was perfect. You could hear everything crystal clear, probably the best sound I’ve ever heard in FUZZ Club and in an extreme metal band nevertheless. Derrick kept talking with the crowd while delivering vocal as well as drum lessons.
Then Andreas introduced their 21 year old drummer, saying that he wasn’t even born when the “Arise” album came out. After that Eloy played a devastating drum solo that left everyone speechless. The guy is a machine! Andreas spoke with the crowd again for a while due to a small technical issue and then he started playing a little something from their debut… Necromancer! Followed by some more Sepultura oldies from Schizophrenia this time. It was time for their encore and 5 more classics followed up to end a great night.
I like Max Cavalera a lot. I’ve “connected” many Sepultura songs with his voice, like “Inner Self” for example. But I didn’t miss him for a single second. There were some guys yelling “Cavalera!” all the time, but I must say that Derrick did more than just a great job. He is a total monster on stage (literally!) always moving and full of energy and he sang perfectly every Sepultura song, old and new. Andreas and Paulo were playing like beasts and Eloy is just a too good too be true drummer. Definitely a great gig in any way possible, I headed home with nothing but good memories.

Sepultura setlist:

Intro/Beneath the Remains
Dead Embryonic Cells
Convicted In Life
What I do!
Septic Schizo/Escape To The Void
Just One Fix (Ministry cover)

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