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High Voltage Festival 2012 Day II Live @ Kyttaro, Athens, Greece, 24-11-2012

High Voltage Festival 2012 Day II Live @ Kyttaro, Athens, Greece, 24-11-2012

Getting ready for the second day of the High Voltage festival, that mostly included bands with a hard rock vibe. Well guess what? I was once more the first fan to show up, despite that fact that I only arrived at the gig nearly half an hour before the doors open. I guess that something went terribly wrong here. Either the gig wasn’t promoted enough, or the fans simply don’t care. Or maybe both. Still, it was a sad image.

The doors opened on time and the first band, Heart Attack, came on stage. They took the place of Junkyard 69 who probably cancelled. They were all dressed in a similar ‘hospital’ manner, which shows that they’re following a certain direction in their dress code for concerts, which is good. The band played songs from their first EP along with some covers. They also filmed one of their songs for an upcoming video so; some more female dancers came on stage dressed as nurses. I especially noticed the excellent playing of their keyboardist Lila Moka as well as their guitar player Teo Ross, who also has a solo record.

The next band was Wild Machine, a veteran band of the Greek scene and one of the first ever Greek bands that I saw live. They are a total glam-dynamite on stage, combining all the good elements of hard rock with a totally 80s sleaze outfit and resulting in a rock overload. Despite some lineup changes and a big delay before the release of their new record, which is finally out now, the band seemed to have more energy than ever. They’re a definite ‘must’ for everyone who enjoys a good gig.

The next band was Nostos, a southern rock band, who also took the place of another band called Soundtruck who had probably cancelled. They resembled a classic  Southern American band and guess what? Most of their setlist was Lynyrd Skynyrd covers, although I believe that they also played a couple of their own songs. Their overall performance was very good although I believe that they played ‘Freebird’ slightly different.

Soon after Nostos, it was time for Danger Angel to take the stage. The band needs no introduction among the fans of the Greek scene, they’re one of those bands who quickly made a name for themselves and for a good reason. They were definitely one of the best bands of the whole High Voltage festival and that’s because they’ve been working on every last detail, from recordings to on stage performance which is obvious. Like I’ve said before, Kyttaro has a very good sound in most occasions, but I believe that it could be a little bit better during Danger Angel. Sadly I missed some of their set as well as the performance of George Gakis who played after them because something urgent came up.

The only bad thing that I have to say for those days is the the fans didn’t support it. Going to a gig and seeing bands attending concerts of other bands alongside their families and some friends, is a sad sight. Also, it’s one of the reasons that many bands form their own ‘cliques’ and support only their friends, etc. And that goes for every band and every fan. If we don’t rise up from this situation, the Greek scene will always be the outcast of the global scene.

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