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"In a society that I hate deeply and scars my soul daily, the foundations and rules of which I deny, being likeable would mean that I am starting to look like it..."

This is the quote that I live by the last few years but come to think of it, I could as well be living by that particular quote all my life, without even knowing it.

The purpose of this blog is to gather all my thoughts in one place, nothing fancy, just a piece of me. The articles that I write are a blend of my experiences and thoughts.

I hope some of you enjoy what you read here and Ι welcome you all to walk down that road together.


Inkubus Sukkubus, Come With Reverse, Dr D and the Voodoo Shreeks Live @ Second Skin Club, Athens, Greece, 02-11-2012

Inkubus Sukkubus, Come With Reverse, Dr D and the Voodoo Shreeks Live @ Second Skin Club, Athens, Greece, 02-11-2012

It was a very big surprise for me when I heard that Inkubus Sukkubus were going to play a concert here in Greece. They are one of those bands that I used to listen to when I was younger, then stopped listening for a couple of years, only to “rediscover” them recently. The magic was still there.

I had arrived a little late due to heavy traffic and saw only a few people standing outside Second Skin club, so I entered almost immediately. The gig was about to begin. The club is somehow small, but also very cosy. The only bad thing is… what else? The poor airconditioning, which quickly turned the place into a factory chimney. The first band to come on stage was Dr D and the Voodoo Shreeks. They play a mixture of electro/ambient music with slices of darkness. They managed to create a very nice atmosphere although they could use a little more practice together for live appearances. The keyboards and other stuff on stage didn’t help much also because the stage was somehow small, which made movement difficult. They overally had a nice vibe and good communication with the crowd.

Dr D and the Voodoo Shreeks setlist:
1) Invisible Strength
2) I Will Kill For You
3) The Riddle Of The Sun & The Moon
4) Love & Rape
5) I Am Deamon

Next band on the bill was Come with Reverse from Thessaloniki. The crowd had almost doubled at that time which made the band feel even more welcome. Their doomy/goth sound along with a great performance from the bands frontman, instantly made the crowd participate in the whole experience. The sound started having some problems though which somehow spoiled some songs. They band seems very tight though which can only be a good thing for the future.

Come with Reverse setlist:
1) Vanity
2) Inner Demise
3) Mandolism
4) Evolution Of Broken Minds
5) Sullen Look
6) Come With Reverse
7) Retour An Dich
8) Lust Pace

I was finally time for Inkubus Sukkubus and with breathless anticipation the crowd was waiting the unveiling of the band. The drum set was removed off the stage, because the band used pre-recorded drums in their concert and the three members of the band came on stage! Their faces were painted like corpses, due to the celebration of the “Dia De Los Muertos”, the Mexican celebration for the rememberance of the dead. The band started playing and unfortunately at the same time, the sound started having major problems again. Of course the band and crowd didn’t seem to mind a lot, so they kept on playing even more passionately. Especially Candia’s performance was something you rarely see. I’ve seen my share of female fronted bands and I’ve seen frontwomen only have the looks, or the voice, or both, but rarely have the passion to support them. I’m sorry to say that without passion, you get nowhere. The band also had a very nice video-show playing in the background which fitted perfectly to every song, but one or two lights in the club were very bright which made it difficult to create an even nicer atmosphere or see the videos from certain angles. What made me very happy was that with every small problem, the band kept on playing even better. Most bands lose the ground beneath their feet with small things like a broken string or something. Despite all the small problems and the somehow small duration of the show (a little over one hour) they definitely were a pleasure to watch on stage. Let’s just hope that we won’t have to wait so many years before they visit us again.
The Inkies stayed around after their show, for a meet and greet and dance and party with their fans. I usually have an epilogue for such occasions, but for now I’ll only say this. Magical night.

Inkubus Sukkubus setlist:
1) Messalina
2) Vampyre erotica
3) Lose Yourself At The Nympahaeum
4) Paint it Black
5) Night Angel
6) Away With The Faeries
7) Love Eternal
8) City Of The Dead
9) Heart Of Lilith
10) The Goat
11) Belladona & Aconite
12) Samhain
13) Wytches
14) I Am The One

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