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Nightfall - Cassiopeia [Metal Blade, 2012]

Nightfall - Cassiopeia [Metal Blade, 2012]

Another record from Nightfall named “Cassiopeia”, their second one after their return back in 2010 and the great release “Astron Black And The Thirty Tyrants” from Metal Blade Records that followed. Forget the old days of semi-goth/semi-black Nightfall this record is pure melodic black metal in the style of their previous one, with brutal screams from the depths of Hell. 

The record starts with the song “Phaethon”, where pompous keyboard parts and light guitar melodies, along with a more “relaxed” singing from Efthimis, prepares you for the hell that is about to break loose. Efthimis’s voice throughout the record, sounds like a beast that is rising out of the abyss and blends perfectly with the raging drum beat which is dominant in most songs. The guitar melody parts are 100% “to the point” and not a “hit and miss” situation. A thing that becomes even more obvious in songs like “The Nightwatch”, where the riffing and melodies really grab you by the neck. The next two songs “Stellar Parallax” and “Hubris” continue in the same devastating riff ‘n’ melody pattern which keeps a doomy black feeling without a great presence from the keyboards. Then the sound starts becoming faster and more hellish once more in “The Reptile Gods” and “Hyperion”, but especially songs like “Akhenaton” and “The Sand Reckoner” really tear you apart and the last song “Astropolis” ends the record in the most appropriate manner. The band is definitely back on track and as far as I’m concerned, this is one of the best Nightfall records.


1)      Phaethon
2)      Oberon And Titania
3)      Colonize Cultures
4)      The Nightwatch
5)      Stellar Parallax
6)      Hubris
7)      The Reptile Gods
8)      Hyperion
9)      Akhenaton, The 9th Pharaoh Of The 18th Dynasty
10)  The Sand Reckoner
11)  Astropolis


Efthimis Karadimas - vocals
Evan Hensley - guitars
Constantine - guitars
Stathis Ridis - bass
Stathis Kassios - keyboards
Jörg Uken - drums

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Also on Burst.gr - http://www.burst.gr/archives/albums/item/2395-nightfall-cassiopeia

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