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Helloween – Straight Out Of Hell [Sony Music, 2013]

Helloween – Straight Out Of Hell [Sony Music, 2013]

Helloween is one of the greatest chapters, if not the greatest, in the German heavy/power metal scene. They’ve been around for nearly 30 years and they’re still very productive and energetic. Their previous album “7 Sinners” was actually among the best albums that the band has released during the last years, and I really didn’t expect that they could easily repeat such an accomplishment.

I wasn’t all that impressed with all the albums that came after “The Dark Ride”, but their previous album, as well as their latest release “Straight Out Of Hell”, really grab you from the face from the beginning until the end. “Straight Out Of Hell” starts with the song “Nabataea”, a classic Helloween song, which also has a very interesting videoclip and continues with the song “World Of War”, a fast paced song with a slightly more modern feel to it. The next songs are “Live Now!” and “Far From The Stars”, two songs with very strong melodies and powerful vocals. The guitars and the vocals of Andi Deris, are the two most distinct things throughout the record. The next song “Burning Sun” is another shining example of this combination. Also the keyboards have a strong presence in most songs. The next song “Waiting For The Thunder” is the classic Helloween slow intro-explosive riffs-cheesy verse. And here we are, reaching the middle of the record, to find a power ballad named “Hold Me In Your Arms”. Very nice ballad indeed, but I wanted a little something more. The next songs are the classic ‘weird-ish’ Helloween songs “Wanna Be God” and “Asshole” with an instrumental piece between called “Straight Out Of Hell”. The next song is called “Years” and it is really a very special and sentimental song. It really grows in you. The record ends with “Make Fire Catch The Fly” and “Church Breaks Down”, two of the heaviest and fastest, as well as the most meaningful songs on the record.

Andi Deris has brought a lot of himself in the band and that is more than obvious to anyone who has observed his career throughout the years. Actually Helloween is a BAND in every sense of the word, on studio and on stage as well.

Closing up, the band sounds fresher than ever in their latest release. This is definitely an album, not only for the hardcore Helloween fan, but for every fan who loves a good power metal release. I’m a big fan of old-school Kiske/Hansen Helloween, I also love their 90s releases as well as the works of Andi Deris besides Helloween. Having said that, I believe that this is one of the bands best releases.  


01) Nabataea
02) World Of War
03) Live Now!
04) Far From The Stars
05) Burning Sun
06) Waiting For The Thunder
07) Hold Me In Yout Arms
08) Wanna Be God
09) Straight Out Of Hell
10) Asshole
11) Years
12) Make Fire Catch The Fly
13) Church Breaks Down
14) Another Shot Of Life (Bonus Track)
15) Burning Sun (Hammond Version) (Bonus Track)
16) No Eternity (Bonus Track)

Helloween Lineup:

Michael Weikath - Lead & Rhythm Guitar, Backing Vocals
Markus Grosskopf - Bass, Backing Vocals
Andi Deris - Lead Vocals
Sasha Gerstner - Rhythm & Lead Guitar, Backing Vocals
Daniel Loble - Drums

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