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Skull Fist Interview – Riding the Beast with Jackie Slaughter…

Skull Fist Interview – Riding the Beast with Jackie Slaughter…

Prologue: I like Skull Fist and I can not lie! They’ve been among my favorite bands since I first heard them back in early 2010 and I was lucky enough to see them live in 2011 at the Up The Hammers Festival in Greece. Jackie Slaughter, founder, mainman and eh-man of the band, shares a few dirty words with us just one day before the band departs for their tour in Brazil.

Hey Jackie! What’s up dude? Your album “Head öf the Pack” was released last year and as far as I’m concerned, it is among my top 5 best albums for 2011. How did it went?

That's funny because it was recorded in pretty much 5-6 days hahaha well it was done over the span of 2 weeks we had little money to produce it so had to work on it at this studio after hours. Which means an hour here, an hour there haha it was still fun as hell recording though. We got drunk. Jammed out funny parts. Recorded some really funny stuff that we of course never released haha.

You are one of the bands that are really serious when it comes to their outfit. You don’t see that in many bands nowadays. What’s the philosophy behind that?

Outfit has never been a concern for me. This is just what we wear and what we look like. I don't like looking like all the other sap's here in canada. It's fuckin rad when you walk down the street and everyone is staring at you with that stupid look on there face hahahah. So we dont dress the part. We are the part!

Your song themes are mainly Metal, Metal and well… METAL! It would be a little dumb to ask about your inspirations. Which bands do you look up to?

None. Everyone and every band did there own thing and I want to do my own thing. I don't need to get inspired from what other bands have done. I make up my own inspiration.

What is a normal day in the camp of Skull Fist like?

When were NOT on tour or something it's hard to say. All of us live on opposite sides of the city so we only get together to jam or drink or go out to party. When were off tour we still rehearse about 4 times a week so we still hang out alot but everyone is off doin there own thing. I go skateboarding with Jonny. Casey eats chips and drinks redbull. I never know what the hell that guy is up to. Last I heard he was _______ girls in his __________ ___________. I cant fill in those answers since it would get him in trouble. I usually go running and shit. Jonny likes going to random bars he's never been to hahah.

How is it like being a metalhead and metal musician in Canada ? Is there a metal scene? Do you get to see a lot of shows, hang out in clubs, etc, or is it all just work, work and more work?

I've seen quite a few heavy metal clubs come and go since I moved to Toronto. 6 years ago now. The metal clubs never last or they slowly fade away into obscurity. It sucks but theres just not alot of metalheads in Toronto. Not to mention, most of them are broke ass and cant afford bar beer. And then again, lots just hangout at home and dont go out often. The thing is we dont get lots of awesome concerts in Toronto so not too many people go out and pretty much all of the metalheads in Toronto are all in bands. So everyone's always scattered about playing gigs or some shit! There definitely is a scene here. It's just not huge. I don't get to see tons of shows at least not lately since weve been touring a buttload this year but I did get to see Exciter without Beehler the other day. That was still rad. I played tetris and got free shots hahahah

Heavy Metal. What does it mean to you?

The only music that stands strong and maintains a perfect woven relationship with Musical Mastery and Lyrical genius!!! It's really the only music that empowers those that need power, I think thats what makes it so intense for people. We base our lives around this whole style of life and Its totally possible. Heavy Metal covers every aspect of life and teaches you shit from how to react to assholes and how to appreciate the large and the small things in life. Fuckin well spoken music it is!

Last year you’ve had several lineup changes. Actually, you were the only member left in Skull Fist from the original lineup of the band. How did that affect the band?

To me, there is no original lineup, because every person that someone thinks is part of the original lineup has been surpased by another. Bottom line is this. I started the band in 2006 and I write all the shit. Shred and Alison were on the E.P. and Now Jonny and Casey are on the Album. Before the release of the album I had went through shitloads of different guys and girls that had helped and hindered the fist along the way. Whatever the hell anyone would like to call the original lineup they can do. Doesn't matter to me haha All I know is Jonny and Casey are on the 1st album. And the next. And the next. Hopefully all the way to the end!  

The classic Heavy Metal sound is gaining more and more fans, unlike the 90s. Bands with the old school sound are on the loose once more! Also there are several new releases in vinyl! Do you believe that the classic sound is here to stay, or is it just another trend among fans?

I think its peek in the coming years will be a trend. As is just another trend. But then again, EVERYTHING is a trend of some sorts peeking for a number of years or only months. Heavy Metal peeked in the 80s only to have 75% of fans give up to join the grunge phase followed by the super heavy tunes phase. It's easy to know who will stay and who will go though. The true will always keep the spirit alive no matter what. I do say all the vinyl repressing is nice though. : ) 

This is one of my fav questions. Is the internet a “blessing” or a “curse” for music?

You can argue both points over and over but in the end it depends on from whos perspective. It completely destroyed the magic of searching hunting and borrowing or waiting for release dates and the glory of riding the bus to the record store and finding magic albums or bands youve never heard of before. Going to friends place and seeing albums you never even knew existed. New band photo's youve never seen before. lyrics PRINTED!!!! This is all for the listener. But then again, i'ts 10 times easier to discover great bands, as long as you can maintain the sense of wonder. Which unfortunately I dont think too many people can do. For the musician, it's by far the best thing that ever happen. I can't imagine having to search phone books or some shit or mailing people in different countries trying to find out which magazines in other countries could potentially do a review of our cds. Or calling club after club and mailing cds waiting months on end to find out of a venue will book you or some shit.  

Speaking of the Internet, what happened to that video sensation of yours with the killer-milk-carton? I’m really missing that little guy…

Total drag man. I loved that video too! But because it shows my damned penis on camera youtube took it down. So now its a goner. I'm working on blacking on the schlong shot though! It could potentially be back up in the next few weeks! 

What is it like right now in the world of music industry? Do you live of your music?

You'd be surprised some of the guys in big bands I've met that work full time jobs. Damned surprised. These next few years will decide who stays and who goes because very soon everyone will realize there is no money left in this! Once again only the true will be left!

Let’s suppose that a young musician from Canada who is just starting is asking for your advice. What would you tell him?

Wanna make it? Goodbye social life! That's the number one first step. Either you go and play video games at your loser friends place or grab your guitar and fuckin rock.

Are there any new bands out there that you enjoy listening to?

I'm going through everything Paganinni every wrote right now. Just finished Chopin haha
the last two months have been a break from straight heavy metal. Although I had been listening to MX from brazil and the few new Angra albums that came out after the 90s. New bands. hmm.. ohh! Evil Invaders from Belgium haven't heard the full EP yet just a song. Awesome. Check it!. Katana from Sweden. New Bullet album Full Pull. Listened to it with Jonny in the fist van a few days ago.

Do you believe that a band should retire after a certain time period? Have you ever seen a one of your favorite classic bands live and were disappointed after their show?

In the words of Canada's president Mr. Young. Its better to burn out than to fade away. If you can't rock like you did then don't rock at all. I think a huge amount of bands that I never thought would are losing a lot of credibility right now. It's a good thing alot of new great bands are going to replace this shit.

Greece and Germany are two countries that really praise Heavy Metal. What’s your best memory from those countries?

Greece. Up The Hammers. I don't remember much. But I do remember disappearing and everyone telling my band I got arrested and was in Jail. Best 5 days ever. I ate soo many damned Wrap things and serious amounts of ouzo. Some of the funniest guys and chicks I've ever met that I still talk to! I will masturbate with Tzaziki sauce the second I find out I'm going back. Which will be this year. For sure. Germany. You all know what im thinking. I love you, but fuck your fizzy water! In Germany the beer is so strong and never ending that sometimes the BEER DRINKS YOU. I've never been drunker than I have in Munich. I had some of the funniest nights in Germany though. Long stories. Weird situations. Rad parties. And rad friends! But man. I guess I never really think about countries. It's all the same shit. Being a metalhead is like a universal language! Everyone understands how to rock and how to party hahaha.

What’s the latest of on-the-road stories of The Fist?

People ask for stories all the time but almost all the stories we have are offensive. I just cant share those kinds of stories in print. When we get loaded together this year and we will we can talk about them. It'll include stories of mass pukings. Women who turned out to be men. Bar fires. Bar fights. Mothers with extremely young daughters (dont take that the wrong way hahahah) Poncho Piss. Well cover all the different spectrums of weird shit hahaha.

Your next tour is in Brazil right? When do you plan to visit Europe again?

We record the new album this year. Can't say when. Can't say when it releases just yet. Can't say when well be back. But it will be this year for sure.

When should we expect your new album? What are your future plans?

Can't say just yet. But were going to announce this very damned soon! We did a fuckload of touring with this last album and with the next one were going to do a fuckload more. Stay on the road. In the words of Motorhead. KEEP US ON THE ROAD!

Ok Jackie, that’s all, I’ll leave the last word up to you.

I'm taking a crap right now. It's 2 am. I wasn't tired so figured I'd shit and answer this interview. So when you read this, know that at the time I was dumping... isn't that neat?

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