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Exarsis – The Brutal State [Full Length, 2013]

Exarsis – The Brutal State [Full Length, 2013]

Release Date: 01st March, 2013

With almost 3 years of being around, Exarsis has definitely made a name for themselves. The band has given numerous live shows and they’re releasing something new every year, from demos to full length albums. Their new child will be named “The Brutal State” and it is the successor to their debut “Under Destruction”, which was released back in 2011. So, what do we have here? Some more old-school thrash metal that’s for sure! Although I’m still very attached to the bands first album, I can easily say that this is way more destructive. It’s like a bulldozer of speed/thrash. The album has not got a single relaxed moment, well, except the intro. The fact is that this album will definitely blow your minds. The guitars are going from the totally killer riffs to the speedy solos in the blink of an eye. The vocals are definitely among the most aggressive and unique vocals around. Along the whole moshpit atmosphere of the record one can also find more catchy songs, such as “Vote For Crisis”, “Toxic Terror”, “Dying Earth” and “Under Destruction”. Generally the record will not leave anyone into “Apathy, Ignorance, Oblivion” (pun intended). The themes that the band uses in their lyrics are mainly about political and social matters. These are very troubled times for Greece, as well as for the whole planet, which should make more bands focus on social matters even more and use music as a tool for expressing their beliefs or disbeliefs.

I believe that there won’t be a single thrash metal fan that will not enjoy this album, except the regular I-hate-my-guts dudes of course.

The band is giving a live show with Biocancer, Domination and Suicidal Angels at Gagarin 205 Club, on the 19th of April, 2013.


01) Annihilation… Proceed!!!
02) Mind Poisoning
03) Addicting Life Waste
04) Vote For Crisis
05) Dying Earth
06) Toxic Terror
07) Surveillance Society
08) Apathy, Ignorance, Oblivion
09) Suicide Disorder
10) Under Destruction


Christos P. – Bass
Giorgos – Drums
Panayiotis – Guitars
Christos T. - Guitars
Alex – Vocals


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