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Sacral Rage – Deadly Bits Of Iron Fragments [EP, 2013]

Sacral Rage – Deadly Bits Of Iron Fragments [EP, 2013]

Release Date: 23rd February, 2013

Sacral Rage was formed in late 2011, from Vaggelis (drums), Dimitris (vocals), Marios (guitars) and Spyros (bass) and they’re heavusly (pun intended) influenced by such bands as Agent Steel, Jag Panzer, Vicious Rumours, Annihilator, etc. After their first and very promising 2-track promo which came out last year, Sacral Rage is back with their first EP named “Deadly Bits Of Iron Fragments”. A little less than 30 minutes of high-quality speed/heavy metal unfolds in this EP, which will be released by Eat Metal Records in late February. Having heard a lot of albums from the majority of Greek bands around, I can definitely say that this EP is definitely among the most perfectly executed Greek speed/heavy/power metal EP’s ever. Usually such efforts lack something, from vocal lines to guitars, or generally creativity. And I’m getting really tired of listening to more and more uninspired bands nowadays. One can tell from the very beginning that this EP is not among those. The guitars are top-of-the-league, from riffs to solos, from fills to harmonies, blending and backing up perfectly the speed with the melody. The vocals balance a lot from early Panzer and Priest to early Helloween, but they actually stand out on their own without being just another bad copy of either one of those bands. What I also like is that –unlike many bands with high pitched vocals- the bass and drums have a big role in the EP as well. Generally this is a very good release for fans of the old US heavy school, but also for anyone who enjoys a fresh good speed/power blast in their ears. I definitely hope that the best is yet to come for the band.

Hint: Go check a live show of Sacral Rage, they kick serious ass.


01) Foreshadower
02) Return Of The Dead
03) Master Of A Darker Light
04) Born In A Cage (Raised In Rage)
05) Forced To Betray
06) Gladiator (Nasty Savage cover)
07) Burning Yearning


Spyros – Bass
Vaggelis F. – Drums
Marios P. – Guitars
Dimitris K. – Vocals


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