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Greetings to everyone,

"In a society that I hate deeply and scars my soul daily, the foundations and rules of which I deny, being likeable would mean that I am starting to look like it..."

This is the quote that I live by the last few years but come to think of it, I could as well be living by that particular quote all my life, without even knowing it.

The purpose of this blog is to gather all my thoughts in one place, nothing fancy, just a piece of me. The articles that I write are a blend of my experiences and thoughts.

I hope some of you enjoy what you read here and Ι welcome you all to walk down that road together.


Sunlight – Rockin’ All Around [EP, 2011]

Sunlight – Rockin’ All Around [EP, 2011]

Sunlight is a Greek hard rock/AOR band and they have released their first EP called “Rockin’ all around”. The bands style is classic 80s hard rock and they’re based in Athens, Greece. The area in which they live in, is called Ilioupoli, and it literally gave birth to the bands name (Ilioupoli means Sun City).

The band has 3 songs in their EP, 2 classic hard rock songs, “Follow your heart” and “Rockin’ All Around” and a ballad called “When I See You”. You can clearly spot that the band has worked a lot on their songs, but their influences seem a little bit mixed, and that results to very good songs like “Rockin’ All Around” sounding a bit weird in some parts.

The overall result in this EP is very satisfying, however, I believe that the band has much more to give. Their debut album is coming up soon, and if they improve their sound a little bit, I believe it is going to surprise many 80s hard rock fans.

Band Line-up:

Panos Anastopoulos - Keyboards, synthesizer
Sakis Kotsiras – Drums
Dimitris Giannakopoulos - Lead Vocals
Makis Kaponis - Guitar, Backing Vocals
Nikolas Argyridis - Bass, Backing Vocals


Follow Your Heart

Rockin’ All Around 
When I See You

Contact Info:


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666 – The Rambler Of The Feast

666 – The Rambler Of The Feast

A few days ago I reached 666 views on my blog. This really took me down the memory lane, as for many years I hadn’t written down anywhere that number, which used to mean so much to me in the past, especially during my school years.

During my high school and junior high years, I remember myself being some sort of an outcast by both my extended family as well as some of my schoolmates, due to my choices of music and clothing. I was among the 5 people in my school who listened to Hard Rock and Heavy Metal and that alone was more than enough. My choice of style didn’t help the situation much either, considering that I was among the 2 or 3 people with earrings, torn jeans and t-shirts, chains, leather gloves, leather boots, shirts with stamps from metal bands, dark sunglasses all day and night and long hair. Most of them because I believed that “if you’re into metal, you gotta shout METAL with your whole outfit”, except the long hair, which I started growing because I was very fond of the style of Adrian Paul, the actor in the “Highlander “ series.

            Many people back then used to call me names –and some still do-, with “junkie”, “bump” and “Satanist” being the most popular. Many people believe that there is a bond between Heavy Metal and that got me all excited back then! I didn’t look any further into the subject, not until a few years later, when I started reading all sorts of books and magazines about rock music and religion, but believe me when I say so, for a 12 year old kid who feels like an outcast, the party-all-day-super-power-dark-master-Satan, was way more interesting than the I-am-a strict-punisher-of-everything-thou-shall-not-feel-joy-God. I don’t believe in any God or religion now, but back in those days I remember filling all my school books with drawings of demons, fire, pentagrams, and last but not least, our “beloved” number 666. Having almost 10 priests in the family and attending Sunday school for many years, as well as talking with many priests and theologists, didn’t help at all, it probably did the exact opposite.

            In general however, speaking clearly from an artist’s point of view, black magic symbols, middle ages and gothic dark art are much more exciting than white clouds, angels and pearly gates. Sketching the plainest drawing of a gargoyle or a demon, can easily overcome in my mind, the best image of any angel or even Jesus Christ himself. I am speaking clearly from my own point of view here and certainly, without praising or degrading ANY religion, simply because they all mean nothing to me now.

*Gotta finish this article in a hurry, there’s some weird people with torches and pitchforks knocking at my door…*

P.S. – As far as the views on my blog are concerned, I couldn’t care less if there were only 66 or less. There over one thousand now and I guess they’ll increase even more now that I’ve started writing more often. I don’t care much if I’ll be considered a crowd-pleaser or not, I’d rather have 6 people reading my blog and understanding my point of view, than 6.000 people who just found something or someone new to jerk-off while networking. Cheers. 


Black Hat Bones - Black Hat Bones [Promo CD, 2011]

Black Hat Bones - Black Hat Bones [Promo CD, 2011]

Black Hat Bones are a very fresh rock band but with a very vintage sound. They formed in Sparta, back in 2009, and after a few changes in their line-up, they are now based in Athens. They are currently focused on writing their own songs for their first full-length album, but until then they’re giving us a small taste through their promo.

All the songs in the promo are classic “old-school” rock, with a lot of boogie elements and some stoner riffs. Some songs like “Razzroll” also have a few heavier elements, without losing the musical identity of the band and certainly, without losing the boogie rock riffs. Their style will satisfy every lover of 90s American rock as well as fans of bands like Creed, Nickelback,  3 Doors Down etc, without the punk elements and with a lot of heavier riffing in some places.

Band Line-up:

Bob - Vocals
Mikko - Guitar
Panokas - Bass
Jason - Drums


01. Old Charlie
02. Bleed In Face
03. Razzroll
04. Prophet King

Contact Info:

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JunkYard 69 - On A Wing And A Prayer [Demo, 2011]

JunkYard 69 - On A Wing And A Prayer [Demo, 2011]

"On A Wing And A Prayer" is the name, rock 'n' roll is the game. The first demo from Junkyard 69 is out and it delivers nearly 17 minutes of pure rock to your ears. The band gets straight to the point from the first song entitled "We Want War", preparing you for what's coming up next. "Web Of Seduction" is another classic hard rock blow, reminding a lot of the 80s L.A. glam days, with a small touch of very, very early Bon Jovi. The next song is called "Jane", and this might come as a little surprise, because not many bands choose to record a ballad for their very first demo. A very nice blend of all the self-destructing musical and lyrical elements of such legends as L.A. Guns, Guns 'n' Roses and Skid Row, this is probably one of the best ballads of it's kind, and it won't go unnoticed, even if the 80s hard rock genre isn’t your style. Another very good song is the last of the demo called "Jailbreak", where the band simply reminds everyone once more, that it's all about rock 'n' roll no matter what.

A very nice blend of all the good elements of good old L.A. glam, sleaze and hard rock, with a very small, nearly non-existent reference to more modern genres like N.W.O.S.S.M., like so many other bands do nowadays. All the songs are pure rock played straight from the heart, the production and vocals are good, and it's definitely a must for everyone who enjoys a fresh breeze of 80s influenced Greek hard rock.

Band Lineup:

Jimmy Junk - Rhythm Guitar
Nikko Lust - Bass
Vaine Ved - Lead Vox
Spades - Drums
Jersey - Lead Guitar


1. We Want War
2. Web Of Seduction
3. Jane (Needle In Your Dreams)
4. Jailbreak

Contact Info:


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Strikelight, Crimson Fire, Demolition Train - 18.12.2011 @ KYTTARO Live Club

Strikelight, Crimson Fire,  Demolition Train - 18.12.2011 @ KYTTARO Live Club

TITLE :  Strikelight, Crimson Fire,  Demolition Train
WHEN : 18.12.2011 – 20.00 (Starting Time)
WHERE : KYTTARO Live Club / ΚΥΤΤΑΡΟ (Ipeirou 48, Athens, Greece)
MONTH : December
PRICE : 5€


Gig starts : 20.00

“Eat Metal Records” (http://www.facebook.com/pages/EAT-METAL-RECORDS/192301724138260), the best name when it comes to Greek underground heavy metal, is once more presenting some of the best names in the scene with the lowest price possible. “Kyttaro Live Club” is one of the best (…or maybe THE best?) live stages for this gig that noone should miss!


After their first strike of pure NWOBHM, Strikelight are back with a new even more killer record, which will definitely interest every old school heavy metal fan. Having supported such legends in the past as ANVIL, Blitzkrieg, Angelwitch and many more, in this show they will present their new album in it’s entirety along with their old classics and some covers, always in the spirit of a true, pure heavy metal underground concert.

Crimson Fire

Another Greek heavy metal band, which has also been one of the favorite bands of the underground audience, they released their first full-length album last year and the reviews are great. Having played alongside some monsters like Tokyo Blade, Brocas Helm, Anvil, Demon and Heir Apparent, the band really knows how to deliver some heavy metal into the eyes and ears of the fans. Metal is back!

Demolition Train

Demolition Train are one of the most prominent names right now in the Greek underground heavy metal scene. Speed riffing, aggressive songs and excellent live performances are all that’s known for this band which still, has only one demo. In this show they’ll present the songs from this demo and some from their upcoming full-length album, which is currently being recorded. The future looks bright ahead!

Also on Burst.gr - http://burst.gr/live/upcoming/details/42-strikelight-crimson-fire-demolition-train

Karma Violens - Dormancy [Full-length, 2011]

Karma Violens - Dormancy  [Full-length, 2011]

After 9 years of existence, 1 demo and 1 EP, finally the first full-length album of Karma Violens is released. After seeing them supporting the almighty Judas Priest on their final tour this summer, I was pretty sure that the aggressive feeling they had on stage would be depicted on the record as well.

Dormancy is the name, extreme riffing is the game. This record really grabs you by the nuts from the beginning till the end. After being “dormant” for many years, the band has finally decided to strike. The first song “Animal” gets you in the mood for what’s coming up next. A sense of dark thrash/black riffs combined with drum blastbeats and brutal vocals is more than enough to do the trick. The second song “Full Dose Of Hate” is picking up where “Animal” left off and “Death Is Symbolic” is introduced by the great late Chuck Schuldiner, who speaks against categories in metal music, and naturally it contains many Death elements.

The band’s lyrics are mostly about politics and reaction to everything which disturbs us in the society we live in. The next song “Christian Lovers (Made Me Do It)” needs no explanation as it is already a strong statement (and a personal favorite of mine). “Returning From Oslo” is also very good and in “Headstrong Vs. Progress” one can spot a lot of experimenting. The band easily blends all genres of extreme metal and the outcome is indeed way better than many others who tried doing the same. “Molotov Syrup” is a proof of that and one of the best songs on the album. The last songs on the album are “Storm Before Calm” where the aggressive riffing and drumming are at their best once more and “Dormancy” which is, as far as I’m concerned, an instant classic, combining the best elements of Karma Violens and satisfying even those who might not be so interested in the extreme genre of metal. The lack of guitar solos is a little obvious in some parts, but most of the songs are more than fine without them.

This is definitely one of the best works from a Greek extreme metal band, a real mixture of pure roughness and excellent riffology with a very good production by Fotis Bernardo (Septic Flesh) and George Emmanuel (Valet Parn), which really leaves you wondering how their next album will sound like. Definitely a must for every Pantera, Machine Head and Slayer fan out there.

Band Lineup:

Marios - Vocals
George - Guitars
Costas - Guitars
Steven - Bass
Nikk - Drums


01 – Animal
02 – Full Dose Of Hate
03 – Death Is Symbolic
04 – Christian Lovers (Made Me Do It)
05 – Returning From Oslo
06 – Headstrong Vs. Progress
07 – Molotov Syrup
08 – Storm Before Calm
09 – Dormancy

Contact info:

E-mail : info@karmaviolens.com

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I haven’t written anything for a while, and that’s because so much has happened during 2011 in Greece, that I really don’t know where to begin! I’ve made some decisions though during the last months and that is NOT to refer in some subjects which might be considered as “serious matters” by most people.

I’ll sum it all up in one article but until then I really needed something to get me going, get me writing again (yeah, you guessed right, THIS is it). I stopped playing PC-games over 5 years ago (with the exception of GTA3 and GTA4), but lately I found out that my browser (Google Chrome) has this game installed which is called “Angry Birds”. I started playing, just for fun, and I really became addicted. I finished it up in a matter of hours and it really felt very good to ease your mind after so long. Most gamers might think it’s silly but well, maybe if I had a blog in the 90s this game would be “Lemmings” or “Worms” instead of “Angry Birds”.

     This is my small humble photo tribute to my favorite bird from the game, the yellow one. Enjoy. (All photos are from Google, I don’t have the copyrights for anything.)

Some related stuff here also...


And some real yellow birds!!!

The End...


Manowar @ O2 Academy Brixton, London, (UK), November 5th, 2011

Manowar @ O2 Academy Brixton, London, (UK), November 5th, 2011

Being at a Manowar concert does not mean that you’re there out of curiosity, but rather that you’re a diehard fan of the band. There always are a few exceptions but that’s the case most of the time.

Having already seen 2 out of 3 Greek Manowar shows in Thessaloniki this year, I was getting ready for another live blast of epic proportions from the Kings. The Greek shows were by far some of the best I’ve seen in my life and certainly among the best performances a metal band can give.

Arriving at the venue I had this feeling of warmth inside of me, because I knew I was going to see something more than just “a band”, something way more important for me. The fans were already gathering up and I met a lot of crazy people who came from all around the world there. Poland, Spain, Italy, Greece, etc.

My disappointment started as soon as I entered the venue. The doors opened at 19:00 and the band didn’t get on stage until 21:00. So we had a 2 hour wait in front of us which easily kills part of your joy for being there. Then I heard that the band was going to do… a 20 minute break? I didn’t believe it until I saw it happen. The venue clearly stated that the band was going to play from 21:00 until 23:00 so the total duration was well below 2 hours (Nothing like the 2 ½ hour Greek shows). The ticket price was much higher as well.

Finally it was time for the gig to begin and I tried to forget every bad moment until that time. Manowar was on stage and the glory of the “Battle Hymns” record unfolded in front of us almost in its entirety. I’m saying almost because “William’s Tale” was not included for some reason and I didn’t like that "small neglection". Karl’s solo followed and then “Brothers Of Metal” and an amazing “Hail To England” ended the first part of the show. The venue was really good, and the acoustics were good also, but the drums were horrible. That’s because Donnie is using a drum trigger which combined with the new Manowar audio system, makes the sound from deafening (in a bad way) to unbearable. I hope that he reconsiders this choice because it ruins some parts of the songs. Eric is something over awesome for another time. He’s pushing 60 and his vocals are still extreme! After the 20 minute break it was time for  and “Hand Of Doom”, “Call To Arms” and “Thunder In The Sky” were starting to warm us up again. Generally the crowd didn’t react much, except certain groups of people, but it was “Hail And Kill” time and everybody got crazy again. A bass solo by Joey followed which was a mixture of 3 Manowar bass solos and many notes were missing. I’d rather hear some more old hymns instead to be honest. The first notes of “Warriors Of The World” were heard and everyone started singing passionately. It’s already a Manowar classic by now. “Kings Of Metal” followed and the show ended with “Black Wind, Fire & Steel”. The band left in a hurry and a roadie got up with a very long speech, telling us that we should buy official Manowar merchandise, and scream “FUCK YOU!” at the merchant outside the venue selling false merchandise and to harass him in general. And sadly there were people who did it.

After the gig I visited the official merchandise bench just to be surprised at the prices. I guess the people there must think that a Manowar t-shirt is the most important thing given to man after the discovery of fire.

So, although I didn’t like the big lack of classics like “Sign Of The Hammer”, “Thor”, “Heart Of Steel” which were played on the first leg of the tour, the wait before the show and during (the 20 minute break), the overall duration which was much less than 2 hours, the drum trigger and the lecture from the roadie at the end, overally this concert would satisfy the average Manowar fan, even if it wasn’t one of their best performances, and personally I’d see them again anytime. It was nothing like the Greek shows but it was more than satisfactory.

MANOWAR setlist:
01. Manowar
02. Death Tone
03. Metal Daze
04. Fast Taker
05. Shell Shock
06. Dark Avenger
07. Sun Of Death (Guitar Solo)
08. Battle Hymn
09. Brothers Of Metal Pt.1
10. Hail To England
-20minute break-
11. Hand Of Doom
12. Call To Arms
13. Thunder In The Sky
14. Hail And Kill
15. Bass Solo
16. Warriors Of The World United
17. Kings Of Metal
18. Black Wind, Fire & Steel
19. Army Of The Dead (outro)


Individual Thought Patterns – Part I

Individual Thought Patterns – Part IThe beginning… (of what?)

            A lot of thought went onto this article. The beginning of what indeed? The main idea was that I should write about the beginning of this blog, which was a really big step for me, because I consider it my own “window to the world”, where I can share my point of view and my thoughts on certain subjects.

            Ok, where was I? Oh yeah, the beginning! Well, I said to myself, why not explain why I started writing in the first place; begin to describe one of my favorite activities which has also helped me a lot in difficult times. Then I thought, why not describe why I started thinking? Sounds funny, but by saying “thinking” I don’t mean a plain sort of thought, but a sort of mostly complex, sometimes weird and usually over-analyzing sort of thinking. Well I’ll say this much, it’s been both a blessing and a curse. However the main idea changed, and I though that I’d try a little “mix” of them all. So, here it goes.

            All the lessons I learned in life, I learned the hard way. The truth is that I’d definitely love to say that it’s all been fun and roses but… no, no way. When I say though “the hard way” it does not by any chance mean that I turned into some sort of emo-freak, self-destructing person, vein-splitting, cry-baby, psycho kid living in a constant nervous breakdown and a state of depression. Although I must admit that I tried some substances when I was younger, because I always thought that they would help me overcome my problems and pain. The truth is that they only made them worse and worse… It’s a sort of living I despise and I could never live with for any longer. I’ll explain more of “the hard way” somewhere else though.

            I’ve had dozens of teachers ever since I was young, with life itself always been the biggest of them all. You never really learn about life and how it works, until it slaps you hard in the face. Many times in the past, I’ve spoken to people who have had it all good. I never turn down a good conversation with anybody, and my motto is that “You can always learn new things from everyone” but, usually when I speak to such a person we can only communicate up to a point. Still, I don’t turn down the neither the conversation nor the person.

            That’s the main reason mostly. The “school of hard knocks” led to more complex thinking, which in its own turn led to writing, which helped me to deal with a lot of bad stuff over the years and eventually, led to this blog. I’ve had some doubts in the beginning, because sharing your thoughts can be good and bad at the same time. I’ve also had a very good teacher though, who helped me a lot in the beginning of this blog and with whom, we hardly even speak anymore for stupid reasons.

            Finally, I recommend that everyone should consider writing, because it’s a very good way to express yourselves. It helps you lay down all your thoughts, good and bad, as well as relieve you of a lot of pressure and help to sort out any confusion that you might have on most of your personal matters.

“I ain't too young to realize, that I ain't too old to try, try to get back to the start…”

SECOND PART: http://dawnofbattle.blogspot.gr/2013/05/individual-thought-patterns-part-ii_20.html
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